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Most Frequently Asked Questions
How do I order refills?

Refills can be ordered by phone, or through our website.

  • Call 123456789, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can speak directly to someone during business hours. Off-hours, you can leave a voice message or use our automated ordering system.
  • Our refill system allows you to create a secure online account where you can place prescription refill orders.
How early should I order refills?

While we strive to refill orders the same day, we recommend that you order refills when you have a 5-7 day supply of medication left so that there will be no interruption in your medication regimen. This allows our staff to process refill authorization requests and address other possible issues with insurance and/or medication supply.

How long does it take to have medication delivered?

For local delivery of refills on an existing prescription, you can generally expect to receive your delivery within four business days when all the medications you are requesting have refills remaining. Prescriptions that need additional authorization from your provider or insurance company may take longer to process.

Is there a limit on how much I can purchase?

Yes. You can only purchase a maximum of a 3 month supply of each of your medications, provided that you have a valid prescription for the supply of that medication. If your physician writes a prescription for more than a 3 month supply, we can refill your medication as they come due.

Is there a generic for all brand name drugs?
No, not every brand-name drug has a generic equivalent. Currently, only about half the drugs on the market are available in generic form. When drugs are first developed, they are protected by drug patents. Drug patents, which usually last for 20 years, allow drug companies to recuperate their development costs. When that patent expires, other drug companies can sell a generic version when it receives FDA approval.
I’m having some negative reactions with my medication. Is there someone that can help me?
If the reactions are severe, please contact your local emergency service provider
Why do the pills I received look different than the ones I get from my local pharmacy?

If you are used to brand name medications and have ordered a generic through us, the pills dispensed by our partnered dispensaries will look different. As stated above, generics do not look the same as brand name products, even though they contain similar active ingredient(s) and work in a similar way.

If you have ordered the brand name medication and see variance from the brand name medication you have purchased locally do not be alarmed. Brand name medication sometimes varies in appearance and name from country to country. In different countries manufacturers will often use different trade names and under international licensing agreements, a different manufacturer may be responsible for the distribution of a brand name medication.

If you have ordered a generic medication and see variance from the generic medication you purchased locally please be aware that generic medications manufactured by different companies will have different appearances.


What is the estimated delivery time to receive my order?

With our flat rate shipping, once the order is shipped, the delivery time is typically 10 to 18 business days. If you chose the express option the delivery time is typically between 6 to 9 business days.

Special note related to the coronavirus: Please be forewarned that there are online pharmacies that are not being forthright and transparent with the public about extended delivery times during the coronavirus crisis. But you can always count on NorthWestPharmacy.com to be transparent with customers. Under normal circumstances, orders take approximately 8 to 18 business days in transit before they are delivered. But with the curtailing of air transport due to the coronavirus pandemic, delays in customs clearance of parcels worldwide, and reduced last mile postal carrier deployment, the delivery time may exceed that under normal conditions. Current delivery times average between three to six weeks from the date of shipping. Though many orders arrive within two weeks, some may exceed six weeks. As estimates of delivery times change rapidly depending on the length of the queue for the available air cargo capacity, the extent of customs clearance backlogs, and postal service capacity in your local area. You will be emailed a tracking number as soon as your order has shipped. We guarantee delivery within 60 days of shipping though we have not had a single parcel take that long to arrive during the entire coronavirus crisis.

How long does it take to process my order?
Before your order is shipped, we need to verify and review your medical information, prescription/refills, payment, availability of stock, and then route the order to the appropriate facility for shipping. The pharmacist at the facility that will ship the order will then perform a second check of your prescription. After this, your drugs will be picked from a stock room, checked again by the pharmacist to ensure you are getting the correct drug/dosage, and then finally packed for shipping. We do our best to complete all this within 2 business days! Remember, if we have not received your prescription or there is a problem with your payment, we cannot start the order processing discussed above which will result in a delay in your order being shipped.
Can the country where a drug is supplied/shipped be different from the country that the drug is manufactured?
Yes, in many cases it can be. Not all drugs sold in retail US and Canadian pharmacies are made in the USA or Canada. Many generics that American and Canadian retail pharmacies sell may be sourced from India, the European Union and other countries as well. Even for many brand name drugs, while the manufacturer of the drug may be an American or European company, for a variety of reasons, the drug itself may be manufactured outside of the USA or Europe. Please note, even though the drug may be manufactured outside of North America, it will contain the exact same active ingredients, dosage, intended use, risks, safety and strength as those drugs made locally.
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