Bepanthol Anti-Scar Gel Scar 20g

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Bepanthol anti-Scar Gel, people by correcting the appearance of scars, by smoothing and softening it by, their condition should helps.

Bepanthol Anti-Scar Gel:(1)

*Helps reduce the appearance of scars bad.
*Helps to reduce the itching.
*It moisturizes the skin.
*Can be used for the whole family, including children from the age of three.


Dry skin is one of the factors that makes the scars more visible, and therefore one of the best things you can do to minimize the appearance of the wound dry is to keep the skin area moist. Bepanthol anti-Scar Gel, the wound to reduce the loss of water creates a film on the surface of Silicon. While a wound heals, collagen tissue to produce more collagen or hypertrophic excessive scarring (ascended) can lead to scarring. Keeping the skin moist, reduce the accumulation of collagen can help.In addition, bepanthol anti-Scar Gel shipped with massage ball, and this also provides mechanical stimulation to break through the collagen fibers of the scar to ease, to lighten and levelling helps.

Bepanthol anti-Scar Gelingredients in in in skin provitamin B5 helps maintain moisture balance in the wound environment and on the water holding.

Bepanthol anti-Scar Gel's regular application itchiness and reduce redness, help to make the scar less visible.

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